foto002Miguel Angel Gardetti. He is a Doctor of Philosophy specialized in Environmental Management (California Miramar University, USA), and holds two previous Master’s Degrees: one in Business Administration from the IAE Business School (Universidad Austral, Argentina), and another one in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development from the Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (Argentina.)

He has been the Director of the Instituto de Estudios para la Sustentabilidad Corporativa (IESC) [Center for Study of Corporate Sustainability] since its foundation in 2002, and he is also head professor director in MBAs and master’s programs both in Argentina and abroad. He has provided training within frameworks of executive education and in house programs to CEOs and Corporate Managers both from domestic and multinational companies in Argentina and Latin America. Within the framework of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development based in Switzerland, he has trained –for four years- Latin American companies associated with such organization in sustainability and inclusive business topics. He has published more than 8 books on topics related to strategic business sustainability, 5 of which have been published in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

He is an active member of the Global Compact in Argentina and has been member of the governing body –Argentine Chapter Management, twice. He has also been a member of the taskforce that developed the “Management Responsible Education Principles” with the framework of the United Nations Global Compact.

For his 20 years of study and research and his academic contributions to this field, he was granted the “Sustainable Leadership Award” in Bombay (India) in February 2015.